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Killjoy Story- Part Two! (as requested by a few users (: )

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shadowburn's picture
on July 27, 2012 - 10:55am

We had been on the move for hours now, trying to survive the heat of the desert to return to our Killjoy lair. We finally arrived home. Just as we walked in, Jet Star called an immediate meeting to discuss what just happened. Kobra Kid looked at me in the eyes, took my hand, and pulled me into the room. Immediately upon seeing this, Party Poison and Fun Ghoul were momentarily shocked, but then they both started grinning. "We knew it wouldn't be long before you guys figured out that you kind of love eachother!!" They laughed. After explaining the day's adventures to the others, we all decided to move out for the night for a new mission. We had to go transfer a Killjoy friend of mine from the treacherous Battery City to our safe spot. We all geared up, grabbed our guns, tightened our masks and boots and headed towards the city. See, at night here it's scary. You cannot see if there are BL officials lurking around to get you. But they rarely come out at night. After a few hours of nervous trekking, we finally reached the city. We knew we really had to be careful now. We slipped between buildings, slid under rubble and disheveled buildings, and finally reached the middle of Battery City, where our friend was hiding. We approached the odd girl standing completely still and up against some building remnants. "Violet Flame? We're here to bring you to safety" (to be continued , if requested )