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From Me To You, With Honesty Three <3 :D

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shadowburn's picture
on July 26, 2012 - 7:19pm

hiya guys. i am so incredibly... stricken by the fact that there are SO many people out there who are SO against same sex marriage... and quite honestly, it's ridiculous. love is love, no matter who your partner is. it should matter to other people who YOU choose to spend the rest of your life with... i mean seriously guys. tell me how other people's sexual preference affects you directly. the way that many are so revolted by same sex couples simply outrages me! think of the way that you feel about the one you love...the butterflies in your belly, the electric spark that sets off when you two touch. the amazing feeling of your kiss. everyone has that affection towards a special someone, whoever they may be. and people don't choose to be gay. they are BORN that way. but understand me here, just as it is wrong for the homophobic ones to cram their religious insights down your throats and try to change you homosexual ways, it would be just as bad for you to try to change them into becoming gay. being supportive is one thing, but when people go too far and say being straight is disgusting, it's a double standard. ya know? and another thing i CANNOT STAND FOR is when straight girls make out at parties to impress guys and "turn them on"... so fucking many people struggle with acceptance when they are legitimately gay, and these party girls do it for attention. i'm trying very hard not to write a horribly long blog this time. i apologize if i sound a bit aggressive with this post, but this really angers me. don't get me wrong, i'm incredibly straight (lol). i think i might be the straightest girl on the planet. but i know how to stand for rights and support people who need to be supported. any LGBT person out there, i fucking love you for who you are, and nobody, NOBODY, has the right to change you or change how you live your life (unless you're harming yourself). guys, if you have any questions or ideas or topics for me to think about, just message me, add me as a friend. i'll do my best to get back to you guys. just remember that i care and that i love you all to death <3 you're not alone, you're a killjoy, and you're one of us (: