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what I think ( I don't know what title I could write;) )

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emogoticgirl's picture
on April 27, 2012 - 11:15am

If there is something I really hate that's people who want you to be another way. Yes, I prefer black instead of pink, I don' t want to go shopping everyday but I prefer going to concerts, I don't listen to Justin Bieber but I LOVE My Chemical Romance, I don't wanna be popular because I don't want to be it and NOBODY is gonna change me!!!! I am what I am and I don't care about the others opinion because they aren't good persons, everybody is like everybody and it's really boring to be as the others. It's like a robot's world, this is F***** !
I don't know if I 'm just being paranoid or if someone agrees... anyway, this is what I think.
(Sorry if someone likes J.Bieber).