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Help me out please

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on March 10, 2010 - 4:04pm

I have no idea if this may be Bulimia or not but I need help

ok here are the details of which my concern is

Anti Bipolar medicine, Anti Seizure medicine, Eating Disorder medicine with same characteristics as Anti Bipolar and Anti Seizure, but was used as a weight gain prevention and a Matabolizim stabalizer so I wouldn't constantly eat.

As of approximently 2 months ago I have been off the medicine, when my weight was at approximently

220 to 240 pounds

now my weight is at approximently 175-180 pounds

I have been eating less and less since the first day off the medicine, and I have been having Purging like behaviors except with a normal Bulimic that would puke after eating, mine ends up being "Mud Bucket" or "The Runs"

here is another point I was taking the Anti Bipolar as a sleep medicine because it had the same characteristics as that, but after 2 weeks taking it to help me sleep, I broke out in an allergic reaction to the medicine

now I'm left asking myself and my parents and friends WTF is WRONG with ME???!!!!

could I possibly have Bulimia???