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doing things different....

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Frank's picture
on January 8, 2009 - 12:31pm
hello all, the bouncing souls are celebrating 20 years as a band this year. can you believe it? it feels like just yesterday i was sneaking out of my mom's house on a school night to go see them play at the pipeline with hambone. ah but alas the pipeline is gone, and i dont have school tomorrow ever again...but maniacal laughter is still one of my favorite records, and i still love when i can get hambone to drive me to shows so i can bully his radio. the bouncing souls are one of my favorite bands of all time... they are full bred new jersey punk rock, they made me wanna have my first legal drink at holiday coctail lounge, throw a toilet off a roof, and start a band and go on tour... ive seen them play hundreds of times probably more times than ive ever seen any other band, and it never gets old. ever since i first heard the souls their music spoke to me, they've "touched my heart, and i'll sing along forever." so when i heard about what they were doing for their 20 year anniversary as a band i had to let as many people know as possible...hence the blog. ok so get this....for their 20 year anniversary the souls have decided to go DIY again in the digital age, and release 1 song a month all year long direct from the bands label Chunksaah Records. And if you do what i did and subscribe to the record you get emailed every month on the 1st to remind you to go get the track and at the end of the year after you've gotten your 12th track you get an extra 4 new souls tracks free just for subscribing! i think its a rad idea, and the first track Gasoline is up for download now on their site so if you're a souls fan go support, or if you're not a fan yet, but want to check out an amazing band who has stood the test of time...go to their site and download the new track you wont be disappointed. ECFU xofrank.