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A Christmas Carol

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Ray's picture
on December 8, 2008 - 10:26am
I'm loving Christmas this year. My first foray into lighting the outside of the house went really well, no injuries were reported so I guess it could be considered a success! Let's see, we got a light-up snowman, some cool flashy candy canes, a mom and kid penguin and a bunch of other stuff out there, and we couldn't be happier. I do of course have extension cords, power bricks, and all manner of stuff making the proper connections, so hopefully I won't be going up in smoke. Watched "A Christmas Carol" last night. I hadn't seen it in years, and was just blown away at how moving this movie can still be after watching it so many times. You will be teary-eyed pretty much for the entire movie. Alastair Sim gives an amazing portrayal of a man who realizes he's on the wrong path in life, and decides to make a change for the better. Sim is the shit in this film. This movie is an example of perfect casting. From Cratchit to Scrooge's maid to Tiny Tim, you can't picture a single role in this movie played by someone else. What was really interesting is that "A Christmas Carol" was made in 1951, but it feels like a movie from the '30s. That sounds weird, but when you compare it to Citizen Kane or It's A Wonderful Life, which were both released about 10 years before, this movie feels very old-school. Maybe that's because Citizen Kane was so ahead of its time, but that's another discussion. When you watch it, check out the lighting especially, it feels very storybook like or almost like a stage play. Very cool. I'm definitely watching this movie again this Christmas, I highly suggest you do too...