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how in the fuck?!?

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Frank's picture
on December 3, 2008 - 6:43am
ok so i wanted to write a blog this morning but when i got to the site all i could do was read all of gerards posts....and think how in the fuck does he find the time??? the time to be in this band, write a comic, be a husband, and write hilarious reviews about reality tv?? not to mention have the time to watch reality tv enough to be able to write hilarious reviews about it? am i missing something? i mean really, not to mention his posts are fucking gripping, like you cant put the computer screen down, in fear that you may miss the secrets of the universe revealed to you in the middle of his thoughts about the pick up artist2. my posts are bullshit in comparison. i dare say there have to be multiples, gerard clones, or robots im not sure yet, all i know is that gerard way is way too productive for my comfort zone. somethings up and im too busy reading his blogs to find out what it is. xofrank p.s. i had to google him to get the picture i posted, hah i just thought that was funny. ok im going to watch space chimps now.