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Just ROTTING my brain

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Gerard's picture
on December 1, 2008 - 11:22pm
Scream Queens was excellent tonight. It was nice to see Lindsay make a comeback and get more comfortable with her acting, though we felt Michelle did the best job on both challenges. Tanedra didn't have her best week but we were glad to see she made it to the GAUNTLET! Whatever the hell that is, it looks exciting. I dare say it's the best reality show on television. Some people might argue that Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew is better but that show is so damn good I don't even classify it as reality TV- and who doesn't want to give Steven Adler a hug? I also realized I have been calling Real Chance of Love "real chance @ love". I didn't realize there was a difference. This show almost lost me but this week wasn't bad, I was basically waiting for Scream Queens (I would call that "reverse piggy-backing", see my post on PUA2). But next weeks episode- that looks exciting. I definitely saw Real break a bottle over some dude's head. I mean, overall, who gives a shit? I'm gonna listen to Chinese Democracy again.