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A little rant... i'm getting help right...but it doesn't feel like its enough..I still curl up into a ball and cry every night..not truly sure if i want to wake up in the morning..Sometimes I just wish everything would stop and i could just go to heaven and see Granddad....I miss him terribly.. but its not my time people keep saying..

The person i live with who i refer to as the a**hole is my older brother. I dont get along with him, and people don't realize all the issues he's causing. I have enough to do around this house, and i sometimes need help with it all. Rather than getting off his lazy a** and helping, he just complains and says he's busy...Playing f***ing video games.. You're suppose to be in the Army? A member of Demoly? Yea..all that stuff they taught/told you apparently didn't get cemented into your brain.

You told me to turn off my music..That was a bad idea.. Its what keeps me stable most of the time.. I hope you one day realize what you did to cause me to be like this..

Well, there's my rant for now..Stay safe kiddies...