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Schools creeping up...and anyone know what this dream means?

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Acidic_Wolf's picture
on September 4, 2011 - 8:57am

Argh! running out of time before school starts! Eugh i dont want to go back, especially as i cut the last day of school last term to leave for greece (hahaha the flight was late so i didnt need to miss school but meh). Anyone else feeling completely sick at the prospect of going back?

Anyway now ive complained about that (sorry) ive heard about some people that can read dreams. Is that true? can anyone understand this one? because every night when im asleep im not me. i dont look like me, i have a different name and ive got a different life but my reflection is trying to kill me and is kinda like a twin, but noone can work out which one of us is the "evil" twin and i keep feeling like its me. yeah it gets more complicated but thats a quick summary. anyone know what that means coz its starting to freak me out.

Acidic Wolf