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TheChemicalThrowAway's picture
on September 19, 2017 - 7:46am

I write short things and I was wondering if you guys would like them this one is call: ON THE LINE

I stayed by your side, I stayed alive, but you were abusive can you tell me where a noose is! They say it's my life gotta take a swing, how do we keep on with this fling?
You told me you loved me, but you didn't mean it. Now I sit with my food but never eaten it. When you met me you were flirten,
but then all you did was leave me hurten..
You hit me, you burnt me, made me feel like I was nothing which led to the cigarettes I was puffin.
I understand you're from the hood, but you have me misunderstood. Life was good, Life was fine, now
you got me walking on a line. Snap! There I go down again you keep telling me you were my best friend.
I should've seen the sign that you were gonna cut the line, but I keep falling for you. if I'm trying to be honest I'm gonna let it out you weren't even a good kisser and I heard you like to put out.
Ha let me get to the point I gotta open my mind so I can find my way off this line before I run out of time and you pull me right back in again.