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on February 27, 2018 - 12:25pm

so it's been a minute. feeling hella nostalgic as I'm about to go to college, and when i first signed up here i was a little baby middle school emo. i'm doing awesome, I've found something i love doing and I'm going to harrisburg to study it and I'm really excited for the new place and new experiences. and even though it seems like a million years ago since i was 12 and listened avidly to my chem and did all the stupid things i used to do, I'm thankful for it. it was like a 'darker before the dawn" type thing, i started to realize i wasn't happy in seventh grade and life kinda sucked for a really long time and i honestly made it worse for myself which i do regret, but i needed to realize that i was unhappy in order to start the process of fixing it. not by listening to music or talking to friends, which does help don't get me wrong, but fix it in the long term, with professional help and medication and being honest with everyone around me, including myself. people i thought were going to be in my life forever left, and that's okay. odds are, your best friend at 13 isn't going to be your best friend at 22.i grew up and I'm still growing up and I'm a completely different person now. a different, much happier, much more at peace person. i still remember the people i met on here and i think about you guys a lot. thank you for giving me one of my favorite parts of my childhood<3.