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Won't be much to talk about. Sent rom home because my grandparents' internet cut out

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 7, 2016 - 7:10am

I have all of next week, well you could count it as this week, off of school so I won't be with friends. All I will be doing is spending too much time on the Internet with my Chem on in the background. That's what I'm doing at he moment. I have I'm Not Okay on. It's one of the only my Chem songs my brother will listen. He likes songs with heavy drums in them, me and my dad like songs with heavy guitar in them, I also like songs on keyboard or piano and my mum I don't know. I would say she likes songs with good lyrics but she listens to Vampire Weekend and their lyrics make no sense. I guess she likes songs with catchy verses or choruses. Oh Romance just came on. Now Our Lady of Sorrows. Speaking of my Chem songs, I learnt how to play Fake Your Death on keyboard... Kind of. The tutorial I used missed out some bits so it was going straight from some verses to the chorus when it was meant to go to another verse. I just guess it was the same. Oh and it also held the C chord at the start for too long. I got the Accapella app so I don't have to use two hands at the same time. I'm going to record the parts seperately when I get home from my grandparents and then hopefully it will sound right. I would add my own singing it but I don't really like to sing. I would sing if someone desperately asked for it to save their life. Most of the people I have sung in front of have said I'm good but I just don't like it because most people want to record it and I don't like hearing back my own voice. I find it annoying. I find it hard so sing alone because I don't like hearing back my own voice. Grease is on the TV but it's not the original so it's kind of annoying. I think it's one of the stage performances made into a movie. SO ANNOYING! Anyway so i guess the next couple of blogs won't have much in them unless something exciting happens.

I've got to go... To another website. I don't have much to say on here so I might go to Instagram. Wait I have already posted 9 photoes today. Tumblr.... Already posted today. YouTube... I'm listening to music. I'll go anyway.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~