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Woah, there is activity!

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Charbarmanning's picture
on September 14, 2017 - 12:22pm

Well seen as this place has got more activity, why not I post another blog post. That sentence seemed to make no sense at all. So how is everyone doing now? Good? I just answered the question for you. So let's write about my day!

Today wasn't a bad day. It wasn't like too out of the ordinary either (maybe tomorrow will be... We'll have to see). Got the bus, got to school. Had maths first... Alright lesson I guess. Next had Biology, we were learning about adaptations but only for half an hour seen as the school decided we needed an assembly to take up the second half and hour as well as all of the first break and ten minutes of the second break. So we were late to break meaning no food! I was starving! I could hear my stomach rumbling throughout the assembly! Oh well! I had only an hour until lunch anyway so I would be fine! English: SURPRISE KEY INDICATOR! A key indicator is like a mini test that gets marked and then all the other key indicators you do after that are linked back to your previous mini test. It was just one question based on a play that we hadn't read this year yet but we had read several times in the past so I could sort of remember what it was about. By sort of I mean I wrote 4 pages when everyone else on my table wrote 2. I WRITE TOO MUCH AND MY HANDWRITING IS SO MESSY!. Lunch was alright. Had pasta and sauce and cheese (all together not separately) and half a cookie because my friends were rushing me to leave. Next was French. I've said this in a previous blog but my French class is tiny. There is only 6 of us! It was more like a mini hangout than a lesson, especially since we were all in the same French class last year too so we all know each other quite well! After French, it was History. Now if you thought my French class was small, there is one less person in our history. (There is 5 of us) (oh and one of those people is my crush and it's really awkward between us because knows I like him because I told him a year and a half ago... And I still kinda like him. Not as much but still). That history lesson wasn't as bad as our first ever history lesson this year. I was chatting with everyone (other than my crush) and we were just making jokes. It was like another mini hangout rather than a lesson. (I'm petty sure my crush is sick of our class. He's the only one that isn't as active on the Facebook group chat. He has to put up with D (II'll call him that) wacking him with a ruler every now and again, he is stuck with me and we kinda hate each other, hate is a strong word, and his only really friend decided to sit on his own table today. I kinda feel bad for him... But then I realise I'm one of the reasons that he probably doesn't like the class and then I feel horrible). I can't write much more (I've kinda run out of things to say). Wasn't much worth writing about but seen as it was active I thought I'd try to write something!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Char Char Slide~