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Window seats are good :3

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Charbarmanning's picture
on April 12, 2016 - 8:55am

Fourth time lucky. I kept clicking off by mistake. Not much has happened today so I'll talk about the interesting stuff. French: As I was walking into the classroom, looking into my crush's classroom across the hallway, the teacher was sitting people in new seats. Now I don't usually mind where I sit but I hope I'm not sat where I am for the reason I was thinking of. So I'm not sat on the table right at the back. There is meant to be four people on the table but there is just two of us. Now I wouldn't mind that if it was someone that would actually talk to me. The other kid is in the class' popular group so he has no interest in talking to me unless he wants to make fun of me, not in a bad way, like he did at lunch with his mate. So I would of counted it as the worse seating plan ever in French, what no I was sat next to the most annoying person ever last term, if it wasn't for the fact in the title. It's a window seat. I CAN SEE INTO MY CRUSH'S CLASS! And the best part of it is I can see him and I bet he can see me, when I stand up. Walls are annoying XD. So skip to lunch. It's raining but I don't really care. I only put my coat on if it's cold. I love the rain because I'm so used to it. I gave my coat to my friend Gabby because I wasn't gonna use it. She put it over her head with the waterproof side on her head and the inside of the coat being attacked by the rain. So I had to carry around a wet through coat for another 2 hours. I didn't care that I was wet through because it just kept my hair in place XD. I got to science, I was wondering a random class was walking around upstairs of S block. It's a dead end and they don't usually have lessons up there. Then my crush came up. He never has lessons upstairs at the same time as me and I am aware of that. HIS CLASS HAS BEEN MOVED INTO TO COMPUTER CLASSROOM ACROSS THE HALL FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS BECAUSE OF A PROJECT THEY ARE DOING! So that's something to look forward to going to next week when we have science at the same time.

So that's really it. The day ended, I came home on the bus and I've been on the Internet since I got through the door.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~