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Will this month really be the month of Romance/Love?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 26, 2016 - 10:29am

Let's go. Oh why do I start my blogs like this? I find it cringier each time I put it. What happened today? I've been really forgetful all of today. Let's just leave out the bus cause I've forgotten all of this morning.

First lesson - Maths: Wait I'll be back. Got to screenshot some thing. Done. Forgot what happened in maths. I guess not much. See this is why I write down quotes from the day in my planner. Or else I'll forget.
Second lesson - English: My teacher said we have been repeating everything cause 'no one gets it'. We all get it. Just do a survey with the class to see who gets it. Everyone. We've been doing the same thing for weeks.
Break: Normal
VMG: Normal
Third lesson - Dt: I didn't bring my pop up book cause we have a different teacher on a Friday but it turns out I needed it. 'I'll bring it next lesson' 'Okay Charlotte' At least my Friday teacher is kind.
Lunch: It was quiet cause most of our normal table had to go somewhere, I know where and why but it will make no sense to you lot. If I said they went to Bridge you would be looking at me funny. I looked at the teachers funny when I found out that facility was called bridge. I thought they meant the bridge from the school, over the main road and to the fields when I first came up to high school. The rest of us managed to fill part of the table made for 8. There was a couple more cause they used to sit on the table but then there would be 12-14 of us squished onto a table made for 8. The few that sit on the high seats for the tables on the walls came and sat on our table making exactly 8 of us.
Fourth and Fifth lesson - French: Not much. One of the 'parts' wasn't staring at me as frequently as he usually does. I don't blame him. I think he has a girlfriend now. He did look over at me every once and a while though. He isn't fully my type. My crush is my type. Oh, that reminds me, I told A to give him some clues. She probs forgot knowing her. I might just get this over and done with and tell her to bring him over to me and lunch on Monday. See the reason I'm getting A to do all this is because I bet he doesn't even know my name. We talked quite a bit in Year 7 but even then I don't think he knew my name. He just knew me as '______'s girlfriend' cause he liked to make fun of us because ____ and I were friends in primary school. WE DIDNT GO OUT! I don't know if I've told this tale befofre but I always wanted to say 'I'm not his girlfriend, but I want to be yours'. I really wish I did. Wouldn't they have been an awesome way to ask someone out. I might just play the chorus from Summertime or The World Is Ugly. I feel like getting it over and done with on Monday cause that is the last day of February. That would really make February what I predicted. I always predict the 'theme' of a month and this month's theme was Romance/Love because I have fallen deeply into MCR and I want to always enter a room with Romance on but also cause of Valentine's Day and I told my crush that someone likes him this month. Oh and loads of couples have got together this month, It would really be the month of love. January's theme was Drama. Don't think December had one.Neither did November. October was death cause of the death of the kid from Brateley, Caleb, and I had weird thoughts on the school residential about 'someone could die in the time I'm on this residential'. That's when I started themes cause it just started to blend together well.
Bus on the way home: One of my friends told me she is going out with one of the most popular people in the year group... but she didn't hear the fact that she is going out with him from him. It was after she sent her friend to ask him out and she came back with the answer of yes. We will find out at school on Monday if they are going out. I don't see what she sees in him cause he ain't cute, or handsome and he is so rude. Oh well. Hope the relationship goes well.

Done! (Oh more cringe)
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Charbar~