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Why was that test so easy?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on April 8, 2016 - 8:54am

We had a test in French and it was easy as to say that it's worth 15% of our grade.
Just a reminder, I try to reply to every comment so if you do comment on my posts, check back the day after for a reply. It's nice to see a load of new faces on this site and I'd like to make some new friends.
So let's go through the day, if I can remember it XD.
Bus: Some of my friends have started walking to school rather than getting the bus so the bus stop was nearly empty. The bus was still full.
At school before lessons: Sat on the usual table, it's definitely not because my crush sits on the table behind on a morning *winks* (sarcasm). He brushed passed the table.
First lesson - Maths: SOMEONE WAS SINGING TWENTY ONE PILOTS' STRESSED OUT! I felt like joining in but they were singing most of the words wrong so they would of probably blamed me for getting it wrong.
Second lesson - English: We had a normal lesson, for once.
Break: SKIP
VMG: Talked, downloaded some photos onto my memory stick
Third lesson - DT: We were designing logos for made up companies. I didn't have a company name so I made the logo first. The logo looked like a lemon wearing sunglasses so I called my company Nerdy Lemon Inc. (like the gaming lemon). My crush's cousin called me Charlottie today. I nearly laughed in his face. (P.s the joke is some people on this site call/called me Charlottie because it sounded 'cute')
Lunch: After eating my food, I went out into Quad and there were a load of boys in my year group playing tig. They started to grow a crowd by the end of lunch, everyone in Quad was looking at them. The year 11s were mocking them but they continued on. They do this every lunch time. I feel like my crush was looking right at me again in front of L block.
Fourth and fifth lesson - French: A test the whole 2 hour lesson. So easy, well at least it was easy for me. Everyone around me were panicking (ha panic). I was there smiling the whole way through. They should of studied more XD.
I'm done! My day is never too interesting XD

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~