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Why was English so dark?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on April 25, 2016 - 9:27am

Day.. Day.. Day! LET'S GO!

First lesson - Drama: We had a supply teacher and we were in a different room. No one was doing the work. I was drawing on whiteboards in the corner with my friends. Some people I knew were crying because of something they had happened before school. Someone was crying because her group wasn't paying attention and the rest of the class was just sat or running around the room. By the Way, we are all teenagers and not toddlers XD
Second lesson - Science: So we have a concequence system at our school where you have c1 - c6 Permo. C1 to C3 are warnings. C4 is a detention. C5 is isolation. C6 is temporary exclusion and C6 Permo is permanent exclusion. I was completely silent the whole way through the lesson and my table wasn't. Now because my table wasn't silent, whenever the teacher came past our table, she would tell us ALL off for talking. I GOT A C1 FOR LITERALLY NOT DOING ANYTHING BAD! I hate my table even though everyone on it is so nice, they never stop talking so I get in trouble for it.
Break: Nothing really
Third and Fourth Lesson - DT Graphics: So we had a supply teacher because our teacher's wife has had a baby. CONGRATS TO HIM! WE GET TO SIT WHERE EVER WE WANT FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS! Well we have next Monday off school anyway but still. I was sat with my friends Brooke and Maddie. We had finished the work after a bit and we had another hour and a half!
Lunch: Not much really.
Fifth Lesson - English: We wrote some very dark stories. I won't mention what they were about but they were very, very dark. VERY DARK!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~