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Why? Oh... okay... I respect that :(

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on February 18, 2016 - 8:18am

The title will come into play later (VMG)

Can I start this off by saying a message to M. The rest of you can skip to the next paragraph. Okay M, go look on my Watch out! Part 1 blog. You know the one where I was giving you a lesson on English currency. You'll be saying it wrong if you don't. We don't call them pences, we call them coins. Technically not only 'pences' are classed as coins. £1 and £2 coins exist. One 1p pieces are called pennies. Does that make more sense? I can carry on the 'lesson' if you want on another blog, that one or this blog if you want. Don't forget to look at that over blog as I put some more on.

Okay, let's start my day summary. I might go get my school planner as I was writing down some quotes from the day in it as well as homework. Oh, I just remembered I have French homework to do. I'll do it when I finish this.

At school before lessons: We got to school just 5 minutes before the bell so by the time I'd made it to the caf, the bell rang so I didn't get to socialise.

First lesson - English: Nothing much. We keep doing the same things over and over again in lessons. It's getting boring :(

Second lesson - Maths: This is where I started getting my quotes. We have a really funny teacher and every lesson is a blast! We were doing about Constructions and we did something called ____ Bisection. Forgotten the first word. It changed quite a bit. There was angle bisection and something else which I'm trying to remember. Anyway someone in our class asked sir when we would use this in real life and he told us a story about when he was younger and his mum, or mam as he said cause he has a heavy accent from where he grew up, wanted a tree exactly in the middle of the garden and she asked him to do it for her so he put some string down to find the exact middle of the garden and when he did he put a stake in the ground and then his mum wanted the tree to be in a circular area that's diameter was 8ft. To do that he took a piece of string and cut it exactly 4ft and then tied it to the stake and added a knife to the end of it to then draw a circle in the garden. Doesn't sound too realistic. Exactly this and exactly that. Yeah right. What else happened? Oh yeah. There was a question with two point and you had to find the exact middle of the two dots. Sir said they were crocodiles called... Wait for it... Dave and Frank. Would of been better if it was Gerard and Frank but Dave is still good because there is a song that my dad listens to all the time called Dave. It's by Missing Andy if you want to find it. It's on the British Spotify. Don't know about any others. It's also on YouTube. The music video is weird. On my birthday last year all my friends wanted to travel in my dad's car so they could here it because they had heard me singing it at school once.

I'll make this a paragraph on its own. So you know Eleanor's ex. They have both 'moved along' and are dating new people. His new girlfriend is in my maths and her friends were saying 'Oh you now [Eleanor's ex, I'm not naming names]' and sir said 'yeah' and then they said 'Guess who's got a boyfriend!' pointing at her and sir said 'Wasn't he Eleanor's boyf'. Btw he is the centre of all the classes gossip because people gossip in his lessons all the time and boyfriend is shortened to boyf to him. He then went to call him a player and went onto some gossip asking Maddie what she got for Valentine's Day from her boyf. That's where boyf came from, that couple. They have been together for over a year. Then there's me. I'm just hoping that my crush will accept my love. : )

Break: Sat with Eleanor, Gabby, Erin, Livvy and Ai. Oh Ai gave me a new nickname for her. That was it 'old lady cloud'. It's an inside joke from a year and a bit ago. She came to school for the first time wearing makeup and she hadn't filled in her brows so her eyebrows were gray. I called her an old lady and she said 'look at that cloud' and I said 'your an old lady cloud' and the nickname stuck. Today she was wearing makeup again but she had filled in her brows and I went up to her and said 'Are you an old lady cloud?' and she said 'NOOOOO CAUSE I DONT HAVE GREY EYEBROWS!' in a high pitch squeak.

VMG: I logged onto this and was writing my blog when my VMG teacher came over and told me and Eleanor to come offline from that site and not to go on it again because he went on the site himself just to look at it and saw that we can talk to anyone. Luckily he wasn't shouting at us because he isn't one of those teachers. He's really kind so I'm happy we have him. That's why there wasn't a blog earlier. I'm surprised he hasn't got it blocked yet by the school computer system. Oh Missing Andy just came on my playlist. Indie Kid is playing. It's not rock but it pleases me. It was the type of indie rock I used to love. I used to think that the guitar in indie rock was enough to please my love guitar in songs. I'm happy that I found my chem. Oh smosh is on. It's Moms are the bomb. It's quite sweet. I know what I'm gonna sent to my mum next Mother's Day.

Third and Four lesson - Drama: Pewdiepie just came on. It's the Pewdiepie rap. Anyway in drama we were doing evaluations but we found out that we have homework to do to redo the evaluation. We have to type it up too. At least that will get me on my laptop. At the same time I could play Sims 3 or Sims 4 or Sims 1. I don't have Sims 2. What else happened? WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE JUST CAME ON!!!!! I might just have to sit out of rewriting this just to listen to it or I'll miss it. Be back in 4 mins as a minute has already gone. I wish I could sing it but I'm in a room with my brother and grandad. I'll just mouth it. No one is looking. Aw, it's over. What's next? Whenever I hear that song, one of the people singing in the background sounds like an older American version of someone I know. Oh Missing Andy again. It's River now. Not the person on talk. Oh in drama sir was talking about all the evaluations and he said 'sorry about all the evaluations. It's not cause I'm a killjoy' and about three or four people in the class laughed. I was one of them. Emily, one of the girls I shared mcr with, was another. I think Vicky was another and A was the final one. I looked over at Ellie and she looked back at me face-palming. This is how I disappear just came on. I drew a panda on my whiteboard. I only drew a panda because we have to wear socks with grips on them in drama so we aren't spreading mud around the rooms. I have pandas on my drama socks.

Lunch: My crush ,a few weeks ago, moved tables at lunch for some unexplained reason. I guessed it was because he fell out with the people on the table because I haven't seen him with the same group of friends for a while. I didn't know where he moved to... until today. He used to sit on a table near to where I queued for my lunch. When I sat down on my table to eat my food, I sat at the over end because my usual side was taken by one of my friends. When the tables Infront of me cleared out of the caf, I looked forward at a table at the over side of the caf and guess who's back of the head I saw... my crush's head. He was with one of his friends that I know really well and some others who I don't really know the rest. I'm sitting on that side again. I don't know why I never looked there. He used to sit there in Year 7 for a bit then he moved to his old table.

Fifth lesson - Pe: We were doing rugby. I thought we would be on the Astro turf but we were walking towards the fields. The school owns some fields that are over a bridge which is over the top of a busy road. We go towards the field. Now I haven't been on the field for a while so I didn't know about this but they had a path on the floor for once rather than a path of pebbles. It was a sheet of some rubber but it had holes in it so we were calling it the 'lauderay path'. Is that how you spell lauderay? As in the 'sexy' clothing. We went around the corner which used to have a gate against it and an area where builder were working but they had stopped so they could build the new block. Let's say they have finally got that finished. They have another Astro turf next to the field. So when the field is all muddy, like it was today, we can go on there. The artificial grass is weird to walk on but it works as an area to do pe. At least it doesn't have sand on it like the original Astro turf. You don't know how much sand gets into your bag after you have been on the original Astro turf. They only put it on at the start of Year 9 and I think they don't think it was a good idea as there is sand everywhere in the pe block.

Well that was long. Did I miss anything? I've missed so many things out of blogs before. Once I missed the thing that the title was about but I luckily realised before it was saved. Right I have some French, Maths and Drama homework dot do with Action Cat on into the background. Wait this won't be one when I get my homework out cause it just finished. See ya!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~