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Why this is not a phase

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emogoticgirl's picture
on March 8, 2018 - 12:07pm

Im pretty sure i was 13 when i started listening to MCR

In the beginning, the people i knew were like oh this is a dark phase shes going through
I knew back then they were all wrong

Im 20 now and i feel exactly the same and i get weird looks for it but i dont care anymore
Perhaps its their problem, not mine
I know people who like them but pretend they dont only to be seen as "cool" which i personally dont understand
Surprisingly enough my parents have always been quite supportive and my closest friends have even tried listening to them (and ended up liking some of their songs)

I still listen to them (and the "dark" bands i used to listen to)every single day and their songs still mean a lot to me
Thanks to them ive met some very nice people to whom i could talk when i thought no one else understood me
(One of these people is my boyfriend (my soulmate) I love you, S❤)
Thanks to them ive been able to become a better person and not to feel alone all the time
Theyve been there when i needed them the most

I dont understand fake people, be proud of who you are
You dont need the others aproval (its a waste of time and its impossible getting along with everybody), be yourself and youll find the right people

If anyone is reading this you dont really need to understand what Im saying, i just felt like writing what im feeling rn
And forget if im making mistakes because its been a long day and english isnt my mothertongue