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Why is my internet so slow?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 14, 2016 - 10:21am

Highlight of the day: To be Frank, not much has happened so don't be surprised if this turns into all of today.

There are some new nicknames for the creepy bus because... well I got on it today because it was the first bus to turn up. It was late at the time it turned up so all I wanted to do was get to school. According to the driver, they don't allow people to stand up on the bus because it is an old bus. You can tell it's an old bus because it has seat belts. It's more like a coach rather a bus. New designs don't have seatbelts and allow people to stand. I was sat next to some year 7. Behind me was (Erm does he have a nickname? Nope. He won't mind his name on here) Drew and diagonal to me was Emily 2. About three rows down was Alex and Cam (sorry about that nickname. It's all I could think of) but they were trying to hide from us. The old buses also have three seats in a row on the left side and two on the right and they seem to have double the amount of seats as the downstairs area of a normal bus. I guess standing makes up for those missing seats though. So us three year 9s were talking about why the other bus didn't turn up and Emily 2 said that the other bus went straight past their stop and seemed to head off in the wrong direction. I asked her if she thinks it would come to my usual stop to pick up the twenty or so students missed by the bus we were on

I'll finish this later gtg