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Why I hate clothes shopping (well not fully)

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Charbarmanning's picture
on August 24, 2016 - 7:17pm

My left hand is all numb from leaning on it for over 2 hours XD. Anyway, on to the blog! So yesterday (yesterday for me because it's 2:45am) I had to go clothes shopping with my mum, my brother and my dad because I needed school shoes (uniforms suck) and we all needed formal clothes for my grandparents' wedding anniversary event coming up in September. Now, I've been dreading this day since the event was arranged. I hate clothes shopping, especially with my family. (Be warned, I have a lot to say)

To start off, I'm the type of person that only ever keeps to one type is style. Jeans, tshirt (usually merch), some sort of hoodie and either pumps (like converse shoes) or trainers. You'd never see me in a dress. My mum is forcing me to wear a dress to this event. Now I see where she is coming from and yes dresses are formal, but their aren't my type of style. I haven't wore a proper dress probably since primary school. I hate going off my style. It's just not me. I don't feel like myself if I don't wear jeans. I means I don't mind skirts and shirts as a school uniform because everyone is wearing the same thing (or near another the same thing) so you get used to it. Saying all this, I wouldn't dare go to a quite formal event wearing a shirt and trousers (pants for you Americans) because I'd feel like I've lost my femininity and I really want to feel like a female at an event, especially when there are going to be people there that I haven't seen since I was a toddler. Anyway, I don't mind the thought of dresses and they look really nice but I don't want to wear them. It doesn't fit with my style and it's not me.

Next point, I am really picky when it comes to things I wear. I don't like heavy patterns and I prefer simpler ones or plain. I hate wearing the colour green. I really hate floral patterns. I hate most patterns really. I hate long sleeved dresses yet I wouldn't wear a short sleeved dress without a cardigan. I don't like uneven stripes. I hate checks. Like I really hate floral and checks. If I'm wearing a formal outfit, everything has to match and for formal, no trousers or jeans. There are loads more rules that I don't know until I start looking at clothes. Oh yeah, I hate shorts. Long shorts are awful and if you wear short shorts in my area, you are bound to be called a slut for it. No doubt about it. Like I said, I just usually wear merchandise and jeans.

Three, whenever I go clothes shopping with my mum, we are bound to fall out over my picky-ness. She likes nearly everything I hate so when I find something I like, she hates it or says it isn't right for the occasion. She also keeps on saying 'oh I thought you were emo and emos like [insert pattern or image here]'. Sorry to tell you mum but I'm not emo. I cringe whenever my parents mention either My Chemical Romance, emo or bands in general because them make them seem like the worst things in the world or they make me seem like the biggest emo/My Chemical Romance fan in the world. Not true. Anyway, so when me and my mum fall out, my dad is pulled in. When it comes to my dad and clothes, if it fits I am getting it. He forces me to get things that I end up purposely ruining, hiding or 'losing'. He just wants to make my mum happy that we have finished something... But we haven't and it's just made it worse because then we have to go back another time to get sonething else.

To end this off I'll say that I prefer clothes shopping with my friends because I'm not judged. I feel like I can buy anything and I don't hate on as many thing when I'm out with my friends because I'm a whole different person when I'm out with my friends. I'll wear things with friends that I'd never wear around my parents. Im pretty sure I wouldn't care if I wear dresses with my friends because I feel judged by my parents constantly. When I'm out with friends I'm not as picky. I'd wear more patterns. I don't know why I just don't want to wear stuff like that around my parents. I'd probably go all out with my friends. I wouldn't care if I wore my hair down and wore a dress around my friends. I wouldn't care about putting on makeup around my friends yet I'm completely natural around my parents.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~