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Why I blog some days and not others

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Charbarmanning's picture
on August 20, 2016 - 6:02pm

If you have seen my account, there have been blogs out day after day... And then a stop... Then they come back but every two to three days even though my profile bio says I post daily. I should really edit that. I just either have had a really busy day and I haven't had time to blog, I've have a really uneventful day with nothing to talk about or I've just lost motivation to make blogs.

I know how friendly this community is, so if I never get any comments (and I know this isn't always true but I've just had the negative in mind) I feel like no one has read it... I just go straight for that conclusion. I'm not forcing you to comment. If there is nothing you feel like you can comment on then don't leave one. I just thought I'd mention that. I'm pretty sure I not alone with that thought. Anyway, I remember around the time this year where this site blew up again (so around February), I didn't bother commenting on other blogs or even reading them and I feel bad for that now but at the time it seemed the 'reasonable' thing to do because so many blogs were coming in at a time that my blogs were drowned out in the matter of an hour. I mean we have to agree, a part of it was spam but most of it was real people talking about their day(s). Sorry...

(I don't feel like it would be appropriate to end with my little sign off)