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Why hello? Try 2. Part 1 cause it's too long

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Charbarmanning's picture
on January 15, 2016 - 8:05am

I accidentally deleted my last blog so let's try again. My phone ran out of charge last night so I didn't get time to comment in everyone's blog. I apologise and I will charge my phone later on so I can reply to comments. I tried to post a blog at school but the bell was about to go so I gave up. All I said was I think my maths teacher likes mcr because today's character in maths was called Bob. I'm still waiting for Ray, Mikey and of course Gerard.
So what's happened since then? I found out that my friend signed up to this site but it didn't ask her for her password so when she logged out, she couldn't get back in. Her account is called Welcome to the black Eleanor. If anyone knows what is wrong and how she can get back into her account because if she can't she will just make a new one. Today me and Eleanor were together on the bus listening to Dead! and singing along. Our other friends were sat around us with confusion in their eyes at what we were singing. It's harped to believe but I am mainly known as the 'girl who loves rainbows and puppies' and I'm not the type of person that you would expect to listen to mcr whereas Eleanor is.