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Why Hello There!

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Charbarmanning's picture
on August 14, 2017 - 7:05pm

I'm really bad at coming on here regularly!

So hi, I haven't made a post since May even though I can online like last month just to have a look at the site. Anyway so I turned 15 last month (hurray for being a decade and a half old!) and before that (at the start of July) I went to two concerts. The first one was Green Day on the 3/7/17 of July who was touring with Rancid. The second one was Blink-182 on the 5/7/17 of July who was touring with The Front Bottoms and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls. Both shows were amazing. I was so hyped for the whole month beforehand to go to these shows and it was what I'd hoped them to be (maybe even better). Because it's been a whole month since I went to go see them live (and I've pretty much retold the whole of both of the shows on several occasions to my friends of how the shows were and what songs they played and several memorable quotes/moments)... I'm not going to go into full detail. I mean it was really good but when these concerts were the only things I talked about for a whole month... Yeah you only mention them if someone asks after that. So if you do want to know all that info... Ask in the comments... Although I might not reply for a month because I'm so active on here...

Anyway, other things have happened since then. I mean some unfortunate things such as the passing of Chester Bennington. RIP. As well as the push back on the Mania album release to January but I guess if the album isn't ready then it shouldn't be released so they should use the extra time they have been given to make the best music they ever can. At the moment I'm trying to (as my friend puts it) 'embrace the change' in style but I'm still not sure on what the album will sound like. I mean I'm hesitant (HESITANT ALIEN... Sorry, my Gerard reference senses were tingling) to listen to the singles that they upload. I'll be honest I've only heard Young and Meanace fully and it was my favourite song to ridicule with my friends for a bit but it is a bit catchy I guess, it's just not something I'd pick out to listen to if I was looking for a new band to listen to but because it has the Fall Out Boy name on it, it isn't too bad. I don't even remember if I added it to my Spotify playlist or not. Oh well!

I'm trying to think if anything else has happen that I can voice my opinion about here... Idk. I don't really do much but listen to music, watch YouTube videos, come on sites like these or just sit around doing nothing. WHY DO THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS MAKE ME SUCH A COUCH POTATO? Oh wait, I'm normally like this when I'm at school anyway!

See ya!

~ Charbarmanning ~
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Char Char Slide ~