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Why does everything love-wise link together in some way?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on September 26, 2016 - 4:09pm

I thought I'd start off by saying that I just love Living With Ghosts! If the songs on there were fully edited, I think I could of worked as its own proper album. At the moment, I'm only listening to my CD because I managed to break my new earphones by snapping of the left earphone wire. No joke, it snapped right off. They were only cheap temporary ones anyway. It just makes music sound weird without it because I have half the sounds. They only lasted a week or two and a bit. Now, on to the day.

Got the bus, got to school. My friend was on about asking someone out. Okay. First lesson, French. The table I'm sat on makes me feel like a French genius because they are all rubbish (no offence). Second lesson, Science. Casual. My friend (let's call him Je) was on about falling out with someone over a YouTube comment. His whole family got involved because it was such a rude comment on his video. Break, nothing ever really happens. VMG, we have a seating plan now because of our new teacher. Oh and he's making us do all the VMG activities. We never did any of them in Years 7 or 8 or 9! Third lesson, maths. I'm getting a chocolate bar next lesson for answering a question right. That's a good deal seen as the teacher is really strict to everyone else. Lunch, so my friend did ask out this guy. I thought earlier on in the morning she was on about someone else because she had a crush on this one guy like a month ago. Nope, it was someone different. Of course she picked the guy who is in the same VMG as my crush. So now they are dating but hanging around with both of them at lunch didn't make me feel like a third wheel. To be honest, they were mostly making fun of each other most of the time so it didn't seem like they were a couple. Anyway, this friend does a thing whenever my crush is around, she'll shout 'oh look who it is, definitely not making it obvious'. I'm pretty sure she scares him off. Now, she did this when her boyfriend was around. I was telling her to shut up because her boyfriend is good friends with crush and even though my crush knows that I like him, it's really awkward between us so I don't want anymore attention going towards us. Fourth, English. Simple. Fifth, Drama. I told my friend to never shout her phrase ever again whenever my crush is around and especially when her boyfriend is around. Now I was mention be staying after school for drama catchup but our teacher was off ill so catchup was cancelled. Me and my friend that I keep referencing (let's call her Emz) decided to walk home together because she was meant to be walking home with her boyfriend after school but seen as she wasn't staying after school, she had no one to walk with and I couldn't be bothered getting the bus. Now, I didn't sign up for rain but of course I had to pick the day it rained to walk home didn't I? Anyway, so we walked down the hill in the rain and then Emz decided she wanted to check if her boyfriend (let's call him Be just so I don't have to keep saying her boyfriend) had decided to walk home at the normal time instead. She told me to wait at the bottom of the hill by the crossing to see if he came down for at least 10 minutes. There was one dry spot there and it was underneath a bush. 5 minutes went by and there was no sign of Be so we were going to just continue but she decided to stay for a bit longer. About two minutes after, she asked me to have a look up the hill for him but I refused... So she looked and say my crush was like a couple of yards away (well close enough to hear us talking) and she forgot I'd told her to not say her phrase and she shouted 'oh look who it is, definitely not making obvious'. I just went and hid under the bush until he passed by but he saw me. I think it was kind of obvious I was there because of Emz's catchphrase. There was no sign of Be so we just continued walking. Now on the route I go, there is a shop that is popular with students at our school bcease they walk passed it. There is always a large queue. Guess who was at the front of the queue (it's 50/50), my crush. I just walked passed with my head hung long trying not to look at him. I'm not avoiding him, I'm just not trying to draw attention to myself... Although saying that out long just makes it seem like I've been doing all the wrong things XD. The rest of the way home, me and Emz were just doing Paddy McGuiness impressions (I do a good Paddy. "No likey, no lighty").

Ah, Basket Case by Green Day has just come on! This just gives me memories from Insomnia 58 because there was a retro gaming store playing this along with I Write Sins Not Tragedies by P!ATD.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Char Char Slide~