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Why do tests exist?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 18, 2016 - 11:59am

I know why they exist they are just annoying. We have had quite a couple and we have a lot more to come : / That's why I've been quite quiet on here. Stress has been taking over and all I've wanted to do is talk to people privately. I've been on talk a lot along with to the end. This site has just been left. Sorry. Now, what can I talk about?

This week is the Sports Relief week so we have been celebrating it with Guides and school. If you don't know what Sports Relief is then just google it.

In Guides, we did a sports meeting where we did runs and skipping whilst wearing red and donating a pound. I got some sports relief socks with the year 2012 on them. That's before 2013. This was on Wednesday.

At school, we did a mile run in PE whilst again wearing red and donating a pound. This was on Thursday. They put a picture of us all on Twitter so if I can find out how to get the link for the picture on my iPad then I'll add it in the comments. I'm right near the front wearing a I Like Trains top from asdf movie.

I guess that's really all that was interesting...

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~