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Why do I always get 7 comments on my blogs?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on January 12, 2016 - 2:11pm

Hi, I have just spent nearly all of my time at home on instagram. You do not have a clue how many mcr fan accounts I follow. I can't get through one day of posts without at least 13 pics of Gerard, 12 pics of Frank, 5 pics of Mikey and like 3 pics of Ray. It is currently 10pm in the UK and I'm sat here typing out about mcr. So typical of me.

To be Frank, ha get it, this website is just one of the things that makes me want to get home everyday as I feel like I'm happier when I can make cheesy puns without my friends face-palming or telling me off for talking about my favourite band too much. I feel like a real killjoy when I'm here.

You can call me by my account name or by Charlotte, I don't mind. Call me whatever. I get called Chabbage because i love veg. Say thanks to my younger brother for that nickname along with:
. Lettuce
. Assorted Salad
. Assorted Lettuce
. Charlie
. And many more