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Why do all my blog posts start with W?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on January 13, 2016 - 2:11pm

Hi, it has been a casual day for me. Got home from school. Went on to Instagram. Took over 30 screenshots. Went on to YouTube. Took another 5 screenshots. Realised I have homework. Did homework as quick as possible. Couple hours later I find myself on here refreshing the site to see who has been online. And that's where I am now. Just sat here replying to blogs occasionally. Making typos everywhere. Getting a cheesy joke stuck in my head. Yeah the usual day.

Wait, it wasn't normal. My brother can home from school and told me he had I'm not okay stuck in his head. Well the hours of playing Mcr on repeat have worked out. He also told me he had gone on to Youtube and searched up Mama, I'm not okay, Welcome to the Black Parade and Dead! . I frankly, ha Frank, feel proud because it has taken me I don't know how many months to convince him to even listen to My Chemical Romance. I feel like I need a reward or at least another person to bring to the Killjoys.