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Why do all good things have to end?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 19, 2016 - 11:55am

So I'm not in a happy mood right now because I've only just taken into realisation that all good things have to end. Why? Surprisingly it's not a mcr thing although that does link into it. It's my favourite YouTube channel. Now my favourite YouTube channel is Eddsworld. You may have heard of it or you may have not but please stick around whilst I tell my tale. So I've been a fan for a while but if you haven't read my bio on here it says 'I've never felt so guilty to miss out on something. Wait... I missed out on Eddsworld. Rip Mcr and Edd Gould'. Now, I was just maybe a year off watching the animations that the original animator, Edd, animated. He died in 2012 and I found his channel maybe late 2013/ 2014. Now that was one end but another has just come.

After Edd's passing, Tom, one of the voice actors on the channel, agreed for Edd that he would continue the channel to make Edd proud and he did. Now, just this month an animation on the Eddsworld channel came called 'The End Part 1'. Now at first I thought it was some joke from the video but it turns out it's something bigger.

When The End Part 2 came out, I only realised it was the end of the Eddsworld legacy whilst watching the credits so I wrote a massive comment saying thanks to everyone for continuing on the channel. It hadn't kicked it that that was the end. The official end until now.

How did I realise? Well I was on tumblr, searching up a username because I agreed to follow them. Afterwards I was looking at the top searches or whatever and guess what was there. Eddsworld. I had a look at it and smiled at first because I saw loads of fan art from the channel but then I saw a post from Tom about it. He was showing that it was the end of the Eddsworld Legacy and that if it did carry on then he would no longer be associated with the channel. He said he had passed it on to Edd's family and they can continue if they choose.

So without Tom, the only main character that has their original voice actor would be Matt. Edd was voiced by Tim. When Tord came back for the The End vids, he was voiced by Jamie and only Tom and Matt voiced their own characters. Without Tom then that just leaves Matt. I though you couldn't have Eddsworld without Edd but Tom proved that wrong. Now how can we have Eddsworld without Tom?

So why do all good things have to end? Mcr ended, Eddsworld is coming to a close and unfortunately I know that one day I won't be using sites like this anymore. At least I have this one saying from my mum to keep me going 'You never really grow out of the things you enjoyed when you were 13'. She even proved it by saying 'I still like Guns N Roses' and my dad proved it by saying 'I still like The Jam'. I bet there are some of you out there that could argue back to that or wish that was wrong but I hope it to be true. In ten years time, I still want to be a Killjoy, I still want to be watching Eddsworld and Tomska and Dan and Phil and I want to be happy. I don't care if it ends, it's still there. It's still content I can watch or listen to. It still exists.

All good things don't have to end, you just have to sacrifice some for others to last.

'Eddsworld, Eddsworld! I'm sorry who's world again? Eddsworld. With Tom! (Blue Hoodie)… Matt! (Purple hoodie also green overcoat)… Edd! (Green hoodie)' We can just cross some of them out now :(

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~