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Why are Tuesdays so boring?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 1, 2016 - 11:50am

Before lessons at school: My friend, I won't say his name, was pretending to do something that will get me trigger warned with a red pen. I felt so sorry for two people on the table cause they are active do-ers of this thing. I bet it was kind of mocking to them

First lesson - English: Got my target for the end of Year 9 and the end of Year 11. Now I got a target of a 6 for end of Year 9 and 8 for the end of Year 11. So that's about an A* by the end of Year 11. Yeah right.

Second lesson - Maths: Not much.

Break: Got a tiny piece of toast and cheese from my friend.

VMG: Came on here and read the odd comment then went onto INO just to read messages. I didn't reply cause I didn't have time

Third lesson - French: Not much

Fourth lesson - Science: Not much. Ha a joke just came into my head. Watch the The Ghost of You music video with the end of Cemetary Drive on. 'Way down, way down' XD

Lunch: Not much

Fifth lesson - Science: Not much

Shop after the bus: Some of the chocolate bars had gone down 22p so me and a friend bought two together. Well technically I bought two cause he didn't have any money and I had enough. I'm kind like that. Giving away the money my dad gives me on a morning to a friend. Oh gosh, I'm admitting that?

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Charbar~