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Why are some teachers like robots?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 22, 2016 - 8:21am

What a day. Let's talk about that. (GMM music starts playing, oh I'm such a fangirl)

First lesson - Drama: We were doing this technique called fluff. It's where you adjust something on a partner eg talk a piece of fluff off them or adjust their sleeves. The teacher said work with someone you are comfortable with so I picked Liv. Then there was a odd number in the class so the odd one out, S (I'll call him that), came and worked with us as a three. We did quite well to say we were the only three in the room.

Second lesson - Science: Boring. We were revision for the test tomorrow that popped out of now where. :(

Break: How long does it take someone to use the toilet? I was stood in the queue for about 5-7 minutes. Only one person came out in the time it took me to use the loo and go.

VMG: Although our teacher told her not to, Eleanor tried to get onto this site. Now our teacher knew she would try to do this so he blocked it on her computer because he can't go into the school software and change what can and can't be done. She was fuming. I didn't mind. I just googled my username again. I showed Sarah that she appeared on the image search and also G, your profile pic appeared too on the search. Feel lucky!

Third and fourth lesson - DT Graphics: We had to review the pop up books we brought in to school. Yeah that was where my dad's £10.50 went... reviewing the product. Ridiculous! To be Frank, we got it at a bargain price online because the book its self cost £8 and the back of the book it says £9.99. You Americans have it bad. It would have costed you $17 to buy it. I don't know the currency swap but that seems a bit much.

Lunch: Ate food, went out to Quad and my friend (Erm she doesn't have a nickname. Has L been used? I'm so forgetful) L wasn't looking to happy. I asked her if she wanted to walk to English and she said 'yeah'. When we were walking she told me and Livvy that she wasn't 100% because of this new couple that appeared over the weekend and it's started some fights between her friends. Now she's like me and is quite emotional.

Fifth lesson - English: The second L sits down she starts crying. Emily runs over and comforts her as well as Millie. My teacher comes running over, trying to put a smile on her face. She then gets told that she can leave the room to go get some tissues from the toilets downstairs. About 5 minutes later, she comes back up, a bit red in the face but she looked a bit better. Miss made her feel even better by giving her a sweet. Miss is kind like that. Sone teachers wouldn't do that. They don't really know what emotion is some teachers as all they do is tell them to suck it up. At least I font have any of those types of teachers.

Right that's all. Oh and yes this has been edited... a lot M.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~
/| Now time for some music|\