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Who's side should I be on?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 11, 2016 - 9:57am

I've decided only to do blogs on the most interesting thing that happens to me. Wait that will mean I'll have no blogs on a weekend. Na, I couldn't not do a blog for more than two days. I'll just do whatever is in my head on a weekend. Now today's interesting thing is from lunch... for once. It also links isn't after school too so ill tell you when the switch is.

So it started as a typical Friday lunch time. I leave DT with Maddy to go get lunch. We accidentally walked around the long way to the car so we had to stand in a queue. We were at the front though. Anyway I got a 'crispy chicken salad with barbecue sauce',a banana milkshake and a chocolate cookie. Maddy just got some melon cubes. We bumped into our friend (not literally bumped just saw oh and he doesn't have a nickname) J so we walked with him through the crowds and to our table. J went and sat on the high tables on the walls and me and Maddy went and sat on one of the lower tables with our group of friends. (I really wish I'd put music on now. It's so quiet). Now Kempy, sat at the other side of the table, picked up a £5 note from the floor that was dropped by L. Now he didn't know it was hers so he announced it to the table 'I legitimately found a fiver on the floor'. L, who was stood right next to him, said 'Erm that's mine' trying not to be mean. Nowhere refused to give it back but that's what Kempy is like. Trust me, I've known him for many years. Maddy noticed that Kempy wouldn't give it back so she fought she would fight for her. (A and 'Phan trash', that will be her nickname now, are spamming me saying stuff about Dan and Phil) L didn't really mind that Kempy wouldn't give it back because she knows what he's like from being in classes with him for two years. Maddy gets up and walks over to the other side of the table. Now can I say that at the point she stood up, I knocked all my food onto the floor by mistake. Luckily all that was left was one chicken strip and the salad but I only ever eat the chicken anyway. I was just picking up tomatoes and lettuce up off the floor whilst the next part happened but I've heard two sides of the tale. One from Maddy and one from E's boyfriend, Alex. I can say his full name cause we count each other as 'best friends' although we know it's false. We just grew up together and we are really good friends. Anyway Alex said that Maddy punched Kempy and he tapped her on the face back. Maddy said that he slapped her round the face and then slapped 'old lady cloud'. Maddy comes crying back over to my side of the table with L trailing behind. Now being the 'comedian' I am, I tried to make her laugh cause i didn't know why she was crying. I said 'I know how to make you happy! I knocked all my food on the floor' pointing at a lone tomato and a couple lettuce leaves. She started cracking up. I made her laugh again because she'd left one melon so I called it 'the Lone Ranger'. She then overheard Kempy making some jokes and she shouted across the table 'Is that your job in life? To make people feel s*** about themselves?' She then started to cry again so I tried to make done more jokes. I made a joke whilst she was still crying and then I said 'I can't tell if those are tears of joy or what..'. We were just cracking up the rest of the time on the table. I left her with 'the Lone Ranger' and L and I headed off into Quad.

Skip to the end of the day and I was talking with Gabby and Alex as we were walking from the bus stop to our houses. That's when I hear Alex's side of the tale. I heard a mixture of Maddy's and L's at the table. His was probably more reliable because he wasn't involved but he was acting really biased towards Kempy. All Gabby was really doing was looking at my highlighted fingers. I got bored in French so I highlighted my fingers on my left hand with coloured stripes. In order going from left to right I had a purple finger, a blue finger, a yellow finger, a green finger and an orange finger. Now after washing my hands quite a bit, most of the flour has gone and all I can really see is the blue and green stripes. They look exactly the same colour now, turquoise.

Well I really did need a whole blog for this XD

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~