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White bus = Creepy bus Part 1 - Spam Filtering

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 23, 2016 - 8:38am

I'll do the title at the end. Let's go!

Bus: They finally have the second bus. It can straight behind the other bus today... but it already has a nickname. The creepy bus because it isn't the same colour of our bus. It's white and according to someone, it's a really old design of bus that hasn't been used for years. It didn't have a proper sign on it to say what bus route it was. It just had the bus route on a piece of paper stool to the window. Yeah, I'm not getting that.

First lesson - English: Oh I've forgotten what it was that I was gonna write about. I'll just say miss is funny as

Second lesson - Maths: Sir called out a girl for snogging her boyfriend on the bus on the way to school cause he saw them when he was driving in. He also asked this girl's boyfriend where she was cause she was off school. He said she was ill. Sir is a part of all the couples drama in the class. Hoping whenever I get in a relationship he doesn't find out. Oh and A had to leave cause she had a tooth out the other day and it was irritating her so she asked to go to the nurse. She didn't come back so I'm guessing she went home.

Break: Plain old stuff

VMG: Just three of us Year 9s cause Erin was in a music lesson. We have assembly tomorrow :( Can I ask whoever it is that sorts assemblies to next time it's year group assemblies, have Year nine on a Tuesday cause then I get to see my crush for longer. He's usually on second break but when it's year groups, we are both on second break. Tuesday's I have French after the VMG/Break time so he's nearby.

Third lesson - French: My old French teacher from Year 7 came in the room. I haven't seen him since cause he stopped being a proper teacher after our year and because something high up in the school. Oh and he remembered my name and read my work and was proud of me.

Fourth lesson - Science: We had a test. I was happy with it so

Lunch: It was empty where A usually sits. I saw that my crush decided to sit on the other side of the caf again.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~