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Where has 2016 gone?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on August 18, 2016 - 4:50pm

I went to both my grandparents for the days (today, well yesterday now, and yesterday, the day before that) because my parents were working. Oh I've though of something interesting. My cousin just got his A level results back today. Although we haven't heard fully what he got, we know he's passed all of his exams! Oh and he got a place in the college so my grandma was pleased. It's a shame my auntie and uncle couldn't be there to find out with him. They are currently on a cruise with my other cousin and don't come back for a couple of days. Me, my brother and my granddad went to to eat lunch and then bought my cousin a large slice of chocolate fudge cake as a bit of a celebration (or should I say cellabration XD) . I think he was too interested in his Xbox game to fully appreciate the act of kindness.

Well, what is left to come up this year? I am going to the gaming festival Insomnia 58 on bank holiday Monday. Well, at the start of September, my grandparents have their golden wedding anniversary. After that it's back to school. Then Halloween, Bonfire Night and soon enough Christmas! Oh, where has the year gone? I mean seriously. It only feels like minutes ago that in March I was trying to get tickets to a P!ATD concert coming up in November. I didn't get the tickets but still. At the same time, this year has also gone quite slow. I mean it's hard to believe I came across some amazing YouTubers this year but it feels like I've been watching them for years. As well as that, it feels like I've had my MCR fan made shoes for at least a year although I bought them in December and they delivered on January.

Other things I can't wait for this year, apart from Insomnia IM COMING SKY, BARNEY AND RED! I'm looking forward to getting The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts on CDs. I can't wait until the Alternative Press magazine I order online comes. One weird thing I can't wait for is school starting up. I guess I just miss my friends. I've tried contacting some more but they haven't read my messages. Oh well. One person I'm still considering on messaging is my crush. Because he knows I like him, he has kind of gone a bit shy over messages but he is still kind and he still offered to meet up at school... I just don't know if he'll want to meet up out of school. I mean, he can't say that it would be weird meeting out of school because I've met him before out of school. Once again the park and once at this big Scouts event that I was watching. He was a part of it. I wouldn't feel awkward until there is nothing to talk about but I'd try to avoid it. I may just leave it until we get back to school so I can arrange to bring some other friends along as well so it makes it less awkward. We have a few close mutual friends so that may work.

Anyway, the morning me is starting to talk. I just go right off topic whenever it's really early in the morning.
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~