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When things are good, something changes it

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Charbarmanning's picture
on October 5, 2016 - 10:07am

So it's been a couple of days. Now let's go into the highlights of the week so far.

1. The fire alarm went off on Monday 5 minutes before science finished. We went out to the Astro turf and had to stand ther for 20 minutes before they were sure that the school wasn't on fire. That meant that we missed out on my break. Luckily at my school, there are two breaktimes meaning I was put on late break along with everyone in the school. It made me realise how much I miss having everyone in the school at break at the same time oh and I was happy because my crush is on the other break to me so I got to see him. It was confusing though on Monday because every teacher was saying different things. They ended up taking 15 minutes out of our next lesson for VMG. HAH TAKE THAT MATHS!
2. Emergency Year 10 assembly on Tuesday about GCSEs. Turns out that due to the new number grading system, everything people did in History and Geography last year is worth nothing. That means anyone that picked History or Geography as a GCSE last year have to do last year again in Year 11. That doesn't effect me but what does is what they said about French and other languages. The course work doesn't change for modern languages but the grading only does if we do it again in Year 11. They are saying we'll get letter grades but for it to be a full part of the English (I don't know how to spell it. Just say EBACC or EBBAC or EBAAC. I don't know the abbreviation either. XD) we need them all to be numbers. I ONLY PICKED FRENCH SO I COULD GET THE EBACC! These new grades have affected everything involved in the EBACC. I'm not happy. Now I get one less GCSE because of these new grading systems. They may have ruined my future but you know, they don't care do they!
3. I though this would never happen but my friends actually had a falling out. This had been going on for a couple of weeks but the big part of it came today. So for the past couple of weeks, my friends Maddy and Brooke had been ignoring their former best friend Alice because she had made some jokes that they took too seriously. Yesterday, Alice had tried talking to both Brooke and Maddy but they ignored her. She asked my why they were ignoring her. I told her I know quite a bit but I wouldn't say it to her in person just incase they overheard. I messaged her last night about the situation. This morning, I went and sat down in the caf where Maddy and Brooke usually meet. Alice used to come along but she said she didn't want to see them. Maddy was on the table and Brooke came in and said "oh she's so angry. I wouldn't care if she slit her throat". I could tell she was on about Alice because Maddy asked "where is she now?". Brooke replied "Down at the new block". I had arranged to meet Alice down there. I left the table saying "I'm just going to go seen as Alice is in my next lesson". I went down to the new block. Alice had gone inside down to music so I thought I'd wait outside until the bell rang. When see say me, she made an aged face and said "I'm right pissed off with them". I told her they were on about her on the table and she started to cry and said "I don't even know what I did wrong. I used to be their best friends". So she went off to our head of year and told her the story and mentioned my name. Brooke was taken out of her lesson and was asked about this but she denied everything. According to Liv, she came back into her lesson saying stuff like "oh Charlotte only told Alice because she has no other friends to tell". Well, sorry but I think you'll find Brooke that the only reason I have no other friends but Alice because as soon as you lot start talking, you all ignore me. Don't act like you're innocent or like Maddy is innocent. I heard you all talking before Graphics. Oh they won't want to talk to me before graphics will they. They have all made up but Brooke is acting like we have made up but she keeps giving me death stares. I'll just try to be friends with them but I know they don't like me. I only told Alice that it's because of the jokes because she was wondering why they were ignoring her and they had been ignoring her for weeks.

Well, a bit of change is good right?
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~