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What if mcr was called Ray and the Ways?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 28, 2016 - 7:22am

The other day I was wondering what it would have been like for the band to come up with a name... and I kinda created a play scene out of the idea. It ends on a cliffhanger so if you want more I can get writing.

Setting: In a echoing, grey room. Maybe in Matt's attic

Characters: Ray Toro, Gerard Way, Mikey Way and Matt Pelissier

Characters actions: The group are all sat on fold up chairs in a circle, in the middle of the room. There is either a whiteboard next to Gerard or he is holding a clipboard and a pen. The stage should be only lit from the ceiling, with a limelight on the characters.

Narration before it starts: Sometimes I like to think about mcr back to when mcr was just made of Gerard, Ray, Matt and Mikey. Back to when the band was thinking of a name. Maybe something like this happened...

Gerard: (talking to the group) Right has anyone come up with any good names?
Mikey: (in a whisper) I...
Ray: (interrupting Mikey) I was thinking about Ray and the Ways. Good or not?
Gerard: What about Matt?
Mikey: (a bit louder than last time) Guys...
Matt: (interrupting Mikey) Yeah what about me? What's the point of me being here if I'm not mentioned in the name?
Mikey: (A bit louder than last time, more like normal talking level) Guys...
Ray: (Shouting angrily) Fine you can leave the band then! I expected you to any way at some point!
Mikey: (Shouting for attention) Guys!
Everyone else: (Shouting back angrily) What?!
Mikey: (calmer tone) I have an idea

What do you think? I feel like putting this up on talk as well so more people can see it. I do realise that Ray probably wouldn't dare do anything from above but I just wanted to imagine Ray in a way he wouldn't be.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Charbar~