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what the fuck

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on October 18, 2017 - 5:08pm

reading funny journial entries from a few years back. ive been journialing since i was 11 and im 19 now.

march 8, 2015
(please note we were 100% sober)
didn't write about girls night yesterday. we went to nick's pizza. (redacted name) and i peed in a walgreen's parking lot, behind a dumpster. we went to sudburry farms. (redacted name) and I rode in those kiddie carts where there's a police car built into the front end of the cart for kinds to play in. I fit nicely. Fun times :)

3/14/2012 (13 years old)
hopes and dreams lsit: get (recdacted name) to be my friend again. get a girl friend. have 3 kids. finish a fanfic. dye hair a lot. quit clarinet. watch nyan cat for an hour straight. go to cologe (that is how i spelt it, folks).never say anything mean to anyone. try exotic dancing. get good at exotic dancing. boobs reach at least a c cup. wear super slut outfit for a day. fuck a chick. get money for sex. figure out if im straight les or bi. never be popular.

Conufuzzlement list (things i'm confused by)
liking girls. why is straight the default. why is (redacted) pissed. how do i study. why is teenagerhood so hard. elyssa <3. how to tell if someone is gay. getting a girl friend. who to trust. looking hot. big boobs. spontaneous combustion. handwriting. slut.

I;m not really sure what any of it means but i thought it was pretty funny haha