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What can I talk about?

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 7, 2016 - 7:39am

I'll just talk about my day seen as I don't really have anything else to talk about. I'll just go upstairs first. I'm upstairs. Let's start!

Bus: I wasn't really talking to anyone but my friends were around talking about the weirdest of things. At one point the bus went completely silent because my friend with no inside sound shouted 'That's not how gay sex works'. Aren't I happy I wasn't in that conversation?

First lesson - Drama: A wasn't here today so it was quiet. I'll have to message her to see if she's okay. Anyway we got put into random pairs and had to act out a scene. Well they weren't really random because it was alphabetical order of surname. I so wished that my crush was in that class because he would of been next to me in both alphabetical order of first name and last name because our first names are quite similar and in the register of surname order it goes from Ke to Ma. He's Ki. Knowing my luck, he would be away on the days we are put in alphabetical order anyway :(

Second lesson - Science: BORING! Skip.

Break: I found out Eleanor was in school. It's good to see her carry on after what happened. I'm not giving away information about what happened. You'll have to ask her.

Assembly: About Sports Relief

Third and Fourth lesson - DT Graphics: Finishing off sheets and stuff

Lunch: Mmmmm...Food! Not much.

Fifth lesson - English: Moved onto a new poet. Did English stuff.

Yeah my day hasn't been to interesting. What can I talk about? I don't know. I guess I could talk about my search for a new school bag. I want a really good mcr messages bag. Why? Cause I do XD. Oh and it will add to my merch.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~
I'm bringing back Cha Cha Slide but you can still call me Charbar. Call me anything close to Charlotte.