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Well I'm home

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 15, 2016 - 7:49am

Let's talk about my day/last night.

Last night: I was rereading my school planner to see if I had any homework and I found a homework that I hadn't done... and it was to buy a pop up book and bring it into school on the first day back. I was panicking 'cause we didn't have any pop up books at all so I was asking my friends for one and my mum was looking through all our old stuff to find one. None of my friends had any. By then all the shops had closed cause they close early on Sundays so guess what my dad agreed to do. I praise him for this. He agreed to, at midnight, to go to a 24 hour open store and see if they had one. So I was up waiting for my dad to get home. 20 minutes later, the back door opens and there is a movement down in the living room. My dad doesn't come upstairs for another 20 minutes.

This morning: Woke up, got dressed, did my hair, had breakfast. On the kitchen counter there was a piece of paper with an email on it. My dad said to me 'There wasn't a pop up book at the shop so I came home, ordered one from online but I copied all the info onto a document and made it look like we ordered it on Wednesday and it was meant to come on Saturday but it didn't show up. If you are reading this, thanks dad!

At school before lessons: Nothing interesting happened on the bus so I'll skip to school. I went straight to the New Block because I had Drama first. There was no one there so I turned around and found a fellow killjoy to talk to. I was spamming her on Instagram the other day so she thanked me for that. We turn back to the new block and my friend who told my crush that someone likes him, I'll call her A just so I don't have to always write all that out, was there with my friend Ducky, don't ask why we call each other Ducky, and my other friend called Livi. Oh btw I only write someone's name if they have a nickname cause I haven't actually asked my friends if they want to be on my blogs. A couple minutes, my crush and someone in my Drama came round the corner and I was wondering why my crush was there as he didn't have a lesson in the new block or in the portacabins. He wasn't fully paying attention in his conversation as he kept looking over at A and us. I think he is trying to find out who his admirer is. I think he has realised it is me because I accidentally looked over at the same time he looked at us and we made eye contact for a second or two. Oh gosh. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? I'll ask A if she'll ask him if he knows who it is yet.

First lesson - Drama: We were evaluation our assessments from before the break. At least we ran out of time so I didn't get to see mine on the large screen in front of all the class. So happy they missed out my group.

Second lesson - Science: Nothing much. Science is kinda boring.

Break: Nothing much. Break is always the same.

Third and Four lesson - Dt Graphics. What a waste of time last night was. The teacher, who is one of the strictest teachers in DT, said that he moved the date of when the homework has to be in by to next Monday. Well by then I'll definitely have a pop up book. £10.50 wasted on an expensive pop up book online when we could now go to a library and get one for a lot cheaper. Me and (erm he doesn't have a nickname) H, (there we go) were joking with each other the whole lesson. I wish (erm he doesn't have a nickname. Wait that's what I'll call him) my crush's cousin (there we go and it's true) was sat on our table. He's so funny. I guess it runs in their family. Unfortunately cuteness doesn't.

Lunch: It was really busy today in the caf. I'm surprised we managed to get our table.

Fifth lesson - English: We got our assessment scores back and I was in the range that our teacher calls the 'the proud range'. It was out of 30 and I got 19. Our teacher said if you got between 16-21, cause 21 was the highest score in the class, then you should be proud. I'm always proud even if I get 1 mark. My teacher was happy with how much I wrote. It was a page per question and by a page I mean both the front and the back so technically it's two pages but it is just counted as one piece of paper. The teacher even praised me on that in front of the class. I was happy. The girl that got the higher score was trying to hide that fact cause she was too shy and embarrass to be praised for it.

Again Drama has been cancelled. At least I have Drama on Wednesday.
I'll end it here seen as I have written loads. I should probably stop at some point. And I'm hungry. I'll see ya soon!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~