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Well I must be tall

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Charbarmanning's picture
on April 17, 2016 - 7:24am

Haven't had a blog since Tuesday because all my blogs are repeats of the previous ones. I was gonna make one on Friday but it would be just a crush one but I don't want to be know as the girl who is addicted to her crush so I didn't. All that happened was at lunch it was just our year group so I could see him easier and then in Quad, he either looking at me or my friend but I could tell he was looking in our direction because he was about a metre or two away so yeah. My friend was freaking out because someone sprayed her with boy's deodorant but my crush wasn't looking straight at her though.

Today, I went out for lunch with my dad, brother and grandparents. My mum stays at home. We went to the place we usually go to and I am pretty sure I was the 3rd tallest female there. Well at least in the queue for the carvery but that doesn't matter. I'm 13, I have 5 more years of growth to come, and I was taller that most of the 18+ women. I'M NOT EVEN THE TALLEST GIRL IN MY SCHOOL YEAR GROUP! Also, whilst in the queue for the carvery, someone at a nearby table left their car keys on the seat and left. I was in second-hand distress for them. One of the waiters found the keys and put them behind the bar and the owner's daughter came back in to retrieve them but even after that, I was still feeling sorry for them. I really am emotional XD

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~