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Well I loved Insomnia 58!

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Charbarmanning's picture
on August 31, 2016 - 6:54am

I od t want to go into too much detail or else I'll be here all day and this blog would be made up of 50 paragraphs. Anyway, on Monday I went to a large gaming event called Insomnia (this one was Insomnia 58 but they did miss out 13 so it's technically the 57th Insomnia). It was at Birmingham NEC so there was a lot of space to fill up with different panels and stalls about gaming. They were handing out freebies (I got three) and selling lots of stuff such as Pop Vinyls and Official Insomnia merch (which I wanted but most of the merch in a small size was sold out). As well as that they had shows on some different stages (the main stage, the Expo stage, the League Fest stage and the Twitch stage. They had many different things from retro games you could play to games that haven't even been released yet (I got to play FIFA 17). There was Robot Wars, Minecraft, a giant Xbox area and a large PlayStation area. The funny thing was that the Xbox and PlayStation areas were right next to each other so the staff at each one were making fun of the other company. Xbox made their fans chant 'Xbox' several times and the PlayStation staff started chanting PlayStation.

The opening to the event was amazing! Videos and funny freebies. They were giving away keyboard and computer mice which they carried in in brown plain boxes. After giving away all the actual freebies, they shouted 'now who want an empty box?'. Everyone in the audience started chanting 'Box! Box!'. The guy that one the last empty box managed to make everyone laugh because he just screamed 'YES I WON SOMETHING!' And put the box on his head.

One of the reasons I actually went was because loads of YouTubers were going meet six but I must of saw over 20. I met ThatGuyBarney and RedVacktor after they played Gang Beasts on the Expo Stage. I also met AshDubh, Tomohawk, Mini Muka and NettyPlays after they were on Nerds & Noobs on the main stage. I saw all the Yogscast group at their stall but the queue was so large there was no point waiting. We saw Syndicate on his way to a show along with several bodyguards. Yeah, I wasn't going to approach him. We almost say Vanoss Gaming but again there was a massive queue to meet him so there was no point.

Overall, I would recommend it for gamers and people who want to have a fun time (but you may not understand a lot of it due to all the gaming stuff)

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~