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Welcome to today's summary of the day

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on February 16, 2016 - 8:46am

Title _/ (I can't make a tick so that will do... for now. It will annoy me by the end of the blog)
Let's get this show rolling!

When the bus arrived at the bus stop: The bus driver left about 20-25 students at the stop so they all had to walk to school. That included one of my friends and loads more people I knew.

When I got to school: In the bus park, the place the bus drops us off at, there was the school police officer and a person who was wearing a uniform that is worn by people high in control at the bus company. The bus guy, I'll call him that, was country all the students from the bus that got into the bus park before ours. The officer, I'll call him that even though it makes it sound like he had just come from the nearby police station, was telling everyone that just got off our bus to stay in the bus park and wait until the other bus students got off and left. When they left, we were to,D to stand in a single file line and walk into the school gates. So we did. At the time it felt weird but when I found out why I was happy. I'll tell you later on in the blog as I found out at the end of the day.

First lesson - English: We were doing about a poem. Oh I have a question for you! What would you think if you got an onion as a gift on Valentine's Day? That's what the poem was about. If you want to read it it is called Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy, I think. It was something like that. We have finished Heroes by Robert Cormier but I wish haven't cause it was an easier topic and I love to read stories and also I got hooked into the book and it ended at a kind of cliff-hanger. I don't know if you would count it as a cliff hanger. It ended not like a happy ever after and that's why it's kind of like a kind of cliff hanger cause you want to know what happened to the main character after, don't spoil it Charlotte, let's say an awkward encounter.

Second lesson - Maths: Not much. Wait we were doing about bearings and using maps for them. That's really it.

Break: Something actually happened. Me and Livvy were walking up and down looking for a teacher to find out who's assembly it was. I thought it was going in continents but Livvy said it was year groups. Wait, I've never explained continents. Our VMGs are given a country and a continent. There are 5 continents. Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe. My VMG is Jamaica and that means my continent is America. So me and Eleanor are in America. Break times depend on what continent you are in. Africa and Australasia are on second break and the others are on first. The only time it's different is when it's year group assemblies then the whole year group is on second break. Okay there we go. It turned out assemblies had been cancelled and it would be year group assemblies until the end of the week. My assembly is Friday so that means there will be no quick blog on Friday. There will only be the long one after school.

VMG: I wrote a blog. Replied to comments and talked to Sarah and Eleanor. Erin had a music lesson so it was only three of us in our year group there. It seemed quite quiet in VMG cause I think the Year 11s were doing something as they weren't in VMG. Sarah was trying to sign up to this site but she kept doing something wrong like clicking off the page and closing it a couple times. She is only signing up so she can comment on Eleanor's and my blogs. She isn't really a fan of the band. She prefers 1D. Sarah, if you are reading this comment in the comments ;)

Third lesson - French: I think the teacher was trying to scare us by talking about a large test we have I think just before Easter. Oh also one of the 'parts' was in my class. I don't know if this is true but whenever I would 'accidentally' look over at him, he would be looking back about 70% of the time. Maybe it's cause I was looking at him or if it was because I have the door and the windows out into the corridor behind me or what. Oh there was no crush drama but that's only because I forgot to tell A to ask him if he knows it is me. I'll tell her to do it on Friday cause that's when I have French next.

Forth lesson - Science: We were doing revision for a test we have next Tuesday. I feel like all this school gives us is tests.

Lunch: My friend, she doesn't have a nickname or any approval of being on here like some. I'll call her E. Don't know if I've already used this or not but E. E gave me a piece of rock, as in the sweet. Or if your American, the candy. She had a couple and gave one to me, her boyfriend, her best friend, A and Sarah's cousin. Let's say the dirty minded boys, her boyfriend and Sarah's cousin, were pretending they were male's you know what and pretending to give them something dirty beginning with B. Let's say I got out of there as quick as possible

Fifth lesson - Science: I was sat with three of my friends, Liv, another Ellie and btw that's not her name, it's her nickname and the other girl doesn't have a nickname so I will call her L. I was sat next to L, across from Liv and diagonal to Ellie. Me and L were doing accents the whole lesson cause we are drama geeks. It was like 20 minutes to the end of school and we started pretending that we had the Queen's accent until I started accidentally adding some slang words from my area into the conversation like 'plonk' and whenever I said that, afterwards I said 'Pardon my [Insert my accent here]' but when I said the name of my accent I went into my accent. Ellie started laughing and joined into our fun. Liv wasn't very happy with our noisy fun as she had a headache from eyestrain. She blamed miss for making the text too small.

Home: My mum had some parcels on the sofa and in one of the parcels was my pop up book for DT. Let's say somethings can make me so childish like the boys at school, toys and let's add that to the list. I was staring at one of the pop-up, mesmerised over it. Yeah, I felt like a toddler again. I might pick it up again. Ha, my brother just picked up the book. Will he act like I did? Hahahaha, it runs in the family!

Well, I guess I'm more alike with my 11 year old brother than I thought. I'll end it here cause I'm hungry and I bet I have millions of unread messages on talk.

~Charlotte,Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~