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Welcome To My Life

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Charbarmanning's picture
on December 20, 2016 - 6:54am

I just thought I'd name this blog that because I'm listening to Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan but the Live In Japan version. It's beautiful. I need to see them live. Well there are going to Download Festival next year but my Dad wouldn't let me go to that when I'm only currently 14. Anyway, I should be happy I got tickets to see Blink-182 live next July.

So, school's out for Christmas. I can't wait! Only about 5 days left! I mean I already know some of the things I'm getting but there is always surprises. I hope I can get Super Mario Maker for 3DS, Pokemon Sun and Moon. I've just wanted new 3DS games for a while now.

I've got lots of homework and studying to do. Why are there always mock exams after Christmas? My school packs Year 10 with mocks. We had done in November, now there some in January. I believe there are some in March and then some in June. Hate exams. I did bad, well not really bad but it feels bad, in my English test. I did alright in my maths but not as well as my mocks last year. I got a C in my French reading and a B in my French listening. I have a science mock, French exam and a maybe a maths mock coming up. I don't want to do them especially since this is the first science mock I've done and I'm already afraid that I'll be moved down in Science. I don't understand half the stuff we have been told to revise. The internet just confuses me. I only understand it in class. We have to remember pretty much every science equation available and these mocks are harder than the official exams from last year. I know I have a year and a bit to worry about my maths, English and science exams but I'm still worried about these mocks. I hate revision though. All it does is anger me because I don't know what I'm doing. I have to know about things I haven't learnt about in two years. Year 10 sucks

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Char Char Slide~