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Week one of school

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Charbarmanning's picture
on September 14, 2016 - 4:35pm

I went back to school on the 7th (I think, the Wednesday) so I've had a full week of school so I've met all my teachers and classmates. I think I'm going to have a good year apart from like a few small things. I mean I have some nice teachers but some of them are known to become meaner as the year goes in. I mean I'm top set for maths and the teacher is treating us like little kids and giving us consequences for the silliest of things like asking for help etc. There are so many new teachers this year so about half of my timetable is filled with new teachers. The rest are teachers I've either had before of I've met before. I'm in like set 4 (a middle ability set) for Life but that's not properly set. It just means I have a load of new kids in my class because I'm usually in like set 1-3 (set 3 for pe XD). Anyway made a handful of new friends in the first week so easily. The two weirdest things about this year are:

1. They have knocked down two of the school blocks near the entrance of the school so it was so weird on the first day expecting to see A block stood there but instead I could see fences around where A block was and I COULD SEE L BLOCK which is weird because it's usually hidden behind A Block. Oh and M block has gone too so next to Quad is a load of fences rather than a building. I think A Block is the most noticeable difference because M block was just known as one of the buildings that blocks in Quad.
2. My brother is now here at my school. He's finally a year 7 and no longer in primary school! So I keep seeing him when I walkaround the school XD. I probably know his timetable better than mine because I've had to know where he is just incase he wants help etc. I mean I know where his VMG is, who his form teacher is, what form country and continent he is in, who is in his form, who half his teachers are and what lunches and breaks he is on. We are on different lunches and breaks luckily but I still have to see him walking around like once a week. The school is so large you rarely see anyone if they are in a different band/continent/year. I see him when he goes to French because we have French at the same time. Oh and I see him when he is in English because we are in English at the same time but that's about it apart from on the bus after school. You know, I'm happy about that. I mean if he needs help, I'm not there for him but still, at least I don't have to worry about him running into my conversations randomly.

So yeah, this year will be weird for a bit and then I'll get used to it. I've already filled up my school planner with homework! Not fair! Anyway, it's half past midnight snd I need to be up at 7am so I better get some sleep!

~Charlotte, Charlottie of Cha Cha Slide~
/| PS, I don't even know how many nicknames I have now. I don't think I've been called by my proper name by my close friends for months XD |\