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Week off Day 4 - I feel alone

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 11, 2016 - 6:29am

I found out today that it's only my area that's out of school this week and other schools are off next week so it was weird being looked at by a load of strangers for not being in school. What has happened so far today? It's only so far because it's 2:02pm currently. I'm going to put Spotify on. I'll be back. Copy. Didn't have to paste. It saved. Desert Song is on.

I woke up to my alarm at 7am because I had to get to my grandparents before my parents sent off to work and my dad was rushing me. It wasn't as bad as the rush to get to my other grandparents on Monday. I wore my old shoes today because I knew I would be dog walking and I brought my coat but I forgot my gloves. It's cold outside and without a pair of gloves my hands will have no feeling in them. That's what raynards syndrome does to me. I'll explain in full detail what raynards is. When it's cold, blood finds it hard to travel around my body and it doesn't reach areas like toes and fingers so that will make them turn a different colour and swell up. I can't tell if my feet are cold unless I touch them. They could feel warm until my hand touches them. It's worse in my toes. They are all misshapen and swollen. They get chilblains and all sore. It's awful but I've had to live with it since I were 10. I kind of did it to myself as I never used to wear socks or gloves when it was cold.

Anyway. So when I got to my grandparents, they gave us a bit of time on our electronics. I brought my iPad along as we aren't at my grandparents long enought to make us of a laptop and my laptop is rubbish at connenting to WiFi, especially at my grandparents' house.

After a bit of time, my grandma came and told us that we were going to my auntie's house and walk her dogs with her. She asked me if I had any gloves and then went and got a pair for me of hers. She's so kind.

When we got to my auntie's house, my cousins were at school as they don't live in my area. The two dogs, Amber the something spaniel and Bella the mixed dog of I don't know, were going wild. My grandma said we were going to this park that I hadn't been to in I don't know how many years. It was nostalgic. The whole park looked the same as it did when I was 10 except the bushes and plants were a bit more overgrown. It was quite run down last time I went. We found this area with some logs on the floor that had been cut down and never removed and my grandma was telling me and my brother about ages ago when we played schools there with my dad. I was the 'teacher' and everyone else were students and I pointed at my brother and said 'Stand up and sing in front of the class'. So my brother stood on top of the log he was sat on and opened his arms out wide and started to sing 'I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!'. According to my grandma, he knew all the lyrics. Ha, memories.

Anyway after walking around in the mud, we got back to the car park and on the side was this little dog friendly cafe so we went there for a hot chocolate and a little butterfly bun. Then we went back to my auntie's house for half an hour before we went out to a shopping centre, sorry I mean a mall, for sone fast food for lunch. I had KFC. We then separated from my auntie and went back to my grandparents' house. That's where I am currently. My dad should be turning up to pick us up at around 5pm to go back home. There is a chance that my grandma might serve us sandwiches for tea but there is also a chance that dad might take us out for tea because he was quite disappointed that he didn't get his steak yesterday. We had an Indian.

That's all up to date now. Until tomorrow. My final week day off. I'm not counting weekends as part of the week off because we wouldn't have school then anyway.

~Charlotte,Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~