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Week off Day 3 - I've been watching YouTube all day.

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 10, 2016 - 9:06am

Yep, typical me. It's 4:52pm and I'm still in my pjs from last night. I have mint green bottoms on with white and black flowers on them and a non matching pink top with a picture of a sunrise on it with palm trees on it. It says 'SLEEP' on it. On my feet I have some fluffy socks with cute pandas on them and I'm wearing a blue, fluffy night gown with an owl on the pocket. Yeah, I don't get changed during the weeks off. I only do if I'm going out somewhere. I got changed Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I do change into different pjs on a night, sometimes. I probably won't tonight. I'm comfy okay. My brother is out with his friend again and my dad is at work so it's just me and my mum. I've been sat in the same position for hours now and it's starting to hurt my back. Speaking of my dad, guess who just showed up. I forgot he was finishing early today. Anyway I've spend all day on my iPad.... Except for when there was food on the table. We had wraps for lunch. I had chicken wraps with lettuce, carrots, cheese, Doritos and mayonnaise. They were so nice that I had three of them. There was lots of salad left over so I took the bag and I've been eating from it like it's popcorn. I like vegetables especially when they are fresh. My dad says we are either going to have a take away for tea or we will go out. It's either I get changed and have juicy steak goodness or I don't get changed and have wonderful spices as we usually get an Indian curry.

Anyway before this becomes a whole blog about food, I'll end it off.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~
/| Ps, it's got to the point that I write Charbarmanning and Charlotte and Charlottie and Cha Cha Slide so much that my IPad auto-corrects to that so sometimes all I have to put in is one letter and then my name will appear |\