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Week off. Day 1 - Slowly breaking down.

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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 8, 2016 - 3:36am

It's so quiet online currently. I'm trying to find friends who are online but I've only found the odd one or two. I guess I can only talk to people who are off from school so my school, my brother's school and most of the schools in England. I guess also most of America is in school/work so most people aren't online. See I never recognise how quiet this website is during school hours until I'm off school. I also see that all i really do when I'm at home is come on this site or talk, go on Instagram, go on tumblr, Facebook, watch the odd YouTube clip, have Spotify on, look at random stuff on the Internet. No wonder I never enjoy weeks off school. I get a bit depressed. Now I don't suffer from depression it's just I'm quite a talkative person and when there isn't anyone to talk to I feel lonely. I could be in a room full of people and I won't enjoy myself because all I want is to go on the Internet but then when I go on the Internet all I'll want to do is talk to someone. That's why I use sites like this and social media a lot. It's the Internet and talking to people at the same time. That's why I watch lots of YouTube. It's like talking to someone... But sometimes I just get depressed because I have just wasted all of my week of on the Internet and not had any fun at all.

Currently I'm at my grandparents. It's 11:19am and I had to wake up at 7am to get here in time. I'm so tired. I guess when I go to my grandparents they try to make the day interesting. We just placed a board game, Split Second, and we are currently having a break before we start Scattergories. G, just messaged me on Instagram. I'll have to answer that later. Or now. Copy. Oh it didn't delete. Good. I'm so hungry. My grandparents will probably take me and my brother to subway for lunch. That's where we usually go. I have turkey, ham, lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise. The mayonnaise at subway is so nice. ZERO PERCENT IS ON! I love this song. I guess my music will keep me going. I won both the games of Split Second we played. I brought my notepad and some colours but no sharpies. I guess I can finish of my Revenge Frank, Mikey and Ray. I think I have finished my revenge Gerard. I like to edit it sometimes because one tiny think will annoy me. I also have to finish of Fun Ghoul, Jet Star and Kobra Kid. I haven't even started Party Poison because I kept getting the hair wrong so I just erased it all. See I can do translations without writing the British equivalent. I was about to put rubbed it out using my rubber but in America it's eraser and erased, I think. I'm just going off the stuff I've learnt from social media. There were a couple of questions in Split Second about American to British translations. One of them was 'Americans call the restrooms. What do the Brits call them?' I, in a rush, made a silly mistake and wrote bathrooms instead of toilets. My brother, Max, got the point. There was another but I've forget what it was.

To say that I didn't think I would have much to write about over this week off, that was a lot. I'll end it here before it becomes exam worthy.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~