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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 2, 2016 - 8:56am

First lesson - Maths: The person sat across from me has moved down a set so we had a new person there. Guess who? My old best friend from Year 7. To be Frank, the only reason we aren't best friends anymore is cause she kind of left our friendship group and went to the popular group. Now the popular group has changed her. She's not afraid to talk back to teachers in a rude fashion. She's gone from a sweet, kind person to a bit of a bitchy one. That's what the popular group does to people. I'm never going into that group!
Second lesson - Pe: I was working with another person today. We did better in the singles table tennis matches rather than the doubles. We kept asking to do singles over and over again.
Break: IT WAS SNOWING DURING BREAK! I kept asking the people I were with if I could go and run in circles outside.
VMG: I stood up the whole time cause I was the last person, from my year group, there. I didn't mind. I didn't want to sit down anyway.
Third lesson - English: Two people got told to stand outside of the classroom because they had apparently 'made fun' of the teacher's teaching techniques. They didn't. All they said was 'Are we going to be doing some reading from the board today'. Wait no, they did. I'm not repeating what they said. It doesn't swear I just don't like what they said. Oh Donald Trump is on the tv. The news says he's quite high up with support. Watch out America. I don't really know why us Brits would want to know this but... Hahahaha okay so I was listening to WTTBP and the internet went funny so the music jumped and it kept repeating 'nnnnn' over and over again XD
Fourth lesson - Science: Haha the tv just said Panic in the kitchen. Very close. Someone moved next to me in Science and I find him annoying. I don't see how Liv can cope with him. They are kind of cousins. Their parents are really close. No more speaking in the queens accent with L. :(
Lunch: I had to share a seat with L cause there was only one left and I waited for after I'd got my food so we got to the table at the same time
Fifth lesson - Life: I kind of had a bit of a inside breakdown in Life cause I realised I have no one I could fully count as my best friend anymore. I just sat there in silence with conversations going on around me with my 'supposed to be friends'. If they were really my friends then they would of added me to the conversation or were they expecting me to join. I don't know. After that deep thought, I started drawing in the back of my life book. I drew the visual versions of three songs. Headfirst for Halos, It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Deathwish and Dead!. I don't think Miss will mind cause everyone does. I did in my old book.
After school drama: We were reading a script for Alice in Wonderland.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Charbar~
/ | Ps I won't make them this long in the future. I just had a lot on my mind | \