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we built a world

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on March 4, 2016 - 6:38pm

we're just so cool and thorough, I feel like we've built not just a community but a whole WORLD. we have culture (art, music, literature, created an appearance appearance). we have society (sites like this, mating calls liek spread the pinky, trust, support, community, bases where we can find each other like this site). I feel like we have built so much, and we built so much on our own, without the bad even helping. the mcrmy is so developed and so kind and so loving and creative. I feel like when i go online to here and talk.mcrmy, i'm going into a whole building/world where I can not jsut interact with, but see my friends. isn't that crazy?
I just found the MCRmy concensus and wow i love our fandom :)
also, some news. I'm not going to the CBAT (woohoo!) I'm going to school on monday but I'm gonna leave two hours early all next week. I'm scared and anxious and depressed all the time but I'm still hella optimistic on a good day. I'lll get through, I'll survive
hope you all are doing swimmingly